Welcome to Hormonal Acne.org

Hi Everyone,

I’m Rochell. I am so glad you found my site! No matter where you are in your current acne or skincare program you can find a community of friends here. I will continuously posts updates to my personal skincare rejuvenation plan as well as insight, recommendations and reviews from the Naturopathic doctor and nutritionist I have as part of my healthcare team.

A Little About Me

I’m Rochell and I have always battled acne in some form or another. I have been to numerous dermatologists since I was a teenager. By the time I was in my thirties my acne seemed at least under control. The condition wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible either. I thought maybe I had ‘grown out of’ having acne.

But then at the age of 43 my skin started breaking out with large cysts around my chin. First there were only a few, but over the months they started to appear more frequently and spreading along my jawline. I didn’t know what was happening or why.

I thought to myself you have got to be kidding me!?! I’m already over 40!

My list of things to worry in my forties was going to be something like this:

  • Body – Keep exercising so you don’t get cellulite and strength train so my arms don’t turn into noodles.
  • Hair – Continue to dye my grey hair until hair dye is banned or they completely stop making it. (How many more years do I have to keep dying my hair? I don’t even want to count them at this point.)
  • Personal Style – Am I dressing like I’m OLD now? Why is everyone calling me ma’am?
  • Skin – Do I technically have mature skin? Or does that mean I am old? And why does everyone keep telling me I need everything with AHA in it to fight free radicals all of a sudden?

What was DEFINITELY NOT supposed to be on the list was HORMONAL ACNE.

So here I am in my forties fighting acne. I thought this was a phase you went through only in adolescence. One can only wish.

Finding a Way to Heal…

I started this site to help other women who find themselves struggling with acne after the age of forty. To provide resources and help them develop a plan for conquering their acne in the most natural and least harmful way to their body. I truly believe in the body’s ability to heal itself, and I have experienced it. The gentle approach may take more time but isn’t finding a cure worth the extra effort?

Whatever you are feeling, believe me I have been there…

I have just wanted to stay at home because my skin was in the middle of a major breakout and makeup couldn’t make it appear any better.

I have stayed up at night watching a million Youtube videos on acne to try and find a Holy Grail cure that I haven’t tried before.

I have gone from doctor to doctor to doctor to get yet another second opinion.

I have heard, “What you eat doesn’t affect your skin” and “Your skin is really not that bad”.

I have studied so much about acne I almost felt like I was studying to go to med school to become a dermatologist. My husband even told me as much.

I’ve gone through feeling enthusiastically optimistic to completely angry and depressed after the latest ‘treatment’ didn’t work…yet again.

So as they say ‘I feel your pain’.

About Hormonal Acne.org

Honestly, there is a lot of information on the web about acne. But the more I was researching to find an answer, something different or a new treatment it occurred to me. Most of the advice was the same advice I had heard my entire life through my teens and twenties. It never took into consideration my age and what my skin or body may be going through in this phase of my life. I am not a teenager anymore and neither is my skin. I knew I needed a whole body approach to cure my acne.

So as you look for answers to get the skin you deserve realize this…there is not just ONE answer to getting beautiful and clear skin at any age. Finding what works takes time.

EveryBODY is Different.

I hope you enjoy the site. I want it to be a positive and interactive community where you can find answers and helpful information. You won’t find very many dreary scientific photos here. As they say, “laughter is sometimes the best medicine” so my intention is to keep the site very upbeat, somewhat sarcastic but definitely sincere. Why? Because when your outside appearance is not currently reflecting how beautiful you are as a person on the inside it can not only be frustrating but depressing. And sometimes you need a mental break.

So if you have any questions, comments or even need to rant from time to time (allowed) reach out to me. This site is my therapy…and hopefully while you are on your journey to beautiful skin this site can be your therapy too.  And it’s absolutely FREE.